QCDSM adds training support for our Customers.

QCDSM adds training support for our Customers.

As part of our overall training methodology, we use this section to post comments and results of our training for our Customers to view. Very often we are asked how the training is proceeding and what results can be determined from the training.  This section, Training Support, is designed to answer those questions.

Customers are encouraged to visit this section of our web site and to request postings of their comments etc.  We welcome this as part of the ongoing process of employee involvement in the journey to excellence using all the tools of Lean Management and Manufacturing.

We use various methods to keep in contact with the companies. This could be a combination of regular visits over a period of time OR a combination of physical visits and using online conference calls with training.

When it is necessary to do follow-up or to answer their questions we contact them using Skype.  This is an excellent way to have a face to face contact without actually being in their company physically. (If the company uses Apple products, we use FaceTime.)

Another method is to use a system called Hightail – see link below. This is a method whereby we can conduct a training session/s with a company to augment our initial physical presence by being able to link into their computer projector and to conduct the session controlling it from where we are situated.  This is becoming a very important method of follow-up for our training.  Contact us at info@qcdsm.com for more information.

Conducting training sessions remotely.

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