Why participate in the Try Z Seminar?

Why participate in the Try Z Seminar?

All the posts in this section reflect the participation of companies in the Try Z Seminar as their first step in implementing the QCDSM System. A number of categories are covered in the seminar showing how important this is as first step in introducing Lean Management and Manufacturing into a company.  The whole purpose of moving towards a LEAN Manufacturing and Management environment is to involve the people in every aspect of the change. The QCDSM process measures the effectiveness of the Supply Chain operation in the company. The seminar provides concrete, hands-on examples of what this means.

In no particular order and focused on the companies already enjoying the journey to excellence, these are the categories covered. It must be noted as well that this seminar is 90% mapped to comply with the Level 3-5 unit Standards certificate promoted through NZQA.

Learning how to apply the following principles as part of LEAN is necessary before the journey is begun. The Try Z Seminar is the medium through which this learning is accomplished before implementation into the company.

  • Lean Management
  • Building Teamwork
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Productivity improvement
  • QCDSM as the system for promoting LEAN
  • Business performance
  • Controlling the process
  • Decision making
  • Supply Chain effectiveness.

Read all about the system in the links above on this web site.

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