THE NEXT STEP – the companion manual for implementing and sustaining QCDSM in a company.

Over 200 companies throughout the world have adopted the QCDSM System of Lean Manufacturing and Management.  There are many instances when these companies require a reference to ensure that they are operating the system correctly. QCD Systems has developed a book enabling this to take place which is available in .pdf format or printed.

We offer a method whereby a company can purchase the .pdf format at a cost per person with a minimum number required depending on the size of the company. We will be pleased to talk with you about this if you wish to contact us at or call us at our present location, (NZ) +642102647695.

Below is a brochure indicating what is in the book.  The first page of contents indicates how detailed the book is enabling anyone to go straight to the area that they wish to review or learn more about or use in the sustaining process. We look forward to hearing from you. The front page of the brochure is the cover of the pdf book.

QCDSM-The-Next-Step-Brochure copy


Purchase The Next Step

You can purchase the book for US $36.97 on by clicking the image below