Who we are

QCDSM is a total Lean quality management system. As a result of Customer requests, we have re-arranged our logo where applicable to read: SQCDM. Certain companies prefer to have S, for safety, first.

Consistent quality, competitive cost, on time delivery, excellent safety and high employee morale or motivation are goals that are obtainable – provided your business has a process in place to achieve them. QCD Systems has developed the processes required to achieve these goals, and has had over 35 years experience in transferring this expertise to global companies. Contact us today to find out how we can take your business to the next level.

The overall philosophy of QCD Systems, Inc. and now QCD Systems LTD (NZ from 2008) was designed in 1983 by an organizational development team. The system was devised from a combination of employee enhancement methodologies and Total Quality Management principles based on Lean Management and manufacturing principles. It has benefited from the expertise and improvements generated in these areas since 1973, both in the United States and Japan. QCDSM is probably the most focused and holistic system for the step by step practical implementation of the two methodologies.

The QCDSM System has been in operation in the United States since August of 1987. Because of the many added resources available in the United States, we have been able to develop a truly universal application that encompasses manufacturing, service and administrative areas, as well as all support functions.

Implementing a continuous improvement program is one thing. Ensuring its continuation after implementation is the challenge. QCDSM implements a structure and discipline which will ensure that continuous improvement is not only maintained, but is owned by all the people of the facility. After all, this is what every company aims at achieving – total employee involvement in continuous improvment.

Our highly trained, skilled and dedicated team include:Peter Paolo

President and Founder

Peter (MBA) has over 28 years experience training people and has helped over 130 companies in many parts of the world realize their potential. He is a strong advocate of employee involvement and employees being involved in the decision making process within business, a key part of the QCDSM program. Originally from South Africa, Peter now resides on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand with an office in the USA. As the QCDSM headquarters is located in the USA, Peter makes frequent trips to the U.S. and other countries to help businesses implement the QCDSM program. He has also helped numerous companies throughout New Zealand achieve their business goals.

At present both Peter and Willem are stationed in New Zealand. Please either telephone or email as below.

E-mail: peter@qcdsm.com
Phone: NZ: +64 (0)27 474 3357

Willem Botha


Director of Training and Development

Willem has a strong background in food safety, which has played an important part in QCD Systems’ work with Kraft Foods in over 65 of its international facilities, as well as other food companies. He is very experienced in implementing the QCDSM process and is the main go-to person when companies decide on the process. He is a certified assessor in the Competitive Manufacturing Certification programme in New Zealand, and assists trainees in companies associated with different ITO’s (Industry Training Organizations) in New Zealand, with obtaining their Level 2 Certification.

E-mail: willem@qcdsm.com
Phone: South Africa: +27 (64) 169-1150‬

QCDSM employs other highly-trained team members who are called in to assist when necessary.