The Implementation of QCDSM in the Fuller Beauty Cosmetics Company, Mexico

No matter whether it is the food industry, Auto industry, the Institute of Golf, the Fertiliser industry or the Cosmetics industry, QCDSM is applicable in any industry or workplace involving people simply because it enables all employees to become the drivers of increased productivity and efficiency. Language is of no concern as all our materials are translated – Spanish – at Fuller, Dutch, Portuguese, French etc. The QCDSM System provides this opportunity through the application of Lean Principles of Management and Manufacturing throughout the organisation using the unique method of what is called Green Room meetings.

Daily or weekly depending on the department, the people meet to discuss their results. These are displayed, visually, on Charts, in their various ‘Green Rooms’ and the data on the charts is used to encourage Ideas and Suggestions on how to deal with the issues revealed. This process of direct information is fundamental to the Lean QCDSM process. The feedback from the ‘experts’ and the continual improvements resulting from their input through their ideas and suggestions are based on the data on the charts. THIS is how the process is done.

This implementation process method is unique to QCDSM.  The first step of the process is encapsulated in a 3 day seminar known as Try Z. (Trial Zero!) Borrowed from the motor industry, the seminar demonstrates how the principles of QCDSM work through the direct involvement of the participants. This is key to ensuring that the implementation process is effective. The key players who will lead the set up in the company emerge from the seminar with a strong understanding of how the process works as they through their actions, influenced the results that were achieved. (See our section on the web page – Try Z Seminars.)

Thus the Fuller Beauty Cosmetic company in Mexico City joins the family of QCDSM!  QCDSM at Fuller Cosmetics Try Z Seminar

Fuller 1

The company has a product range of over 9000 items and sells worldwide. Part of the Tupperware Company, they have introduced some important aspects of Lean already. This comprises a Safety process that is inclusive of all employees, to the recognition of achievements, to daily meetings and visual measurements.  However, the company was looking for a process that would not only incorporate what they were already doing but would bring it all together into a holistic system which would be used company wide. Their choice is the QCDSM process.

Here are some examples of what they have achieved thus far:

Fuller Safety

Displayed prominently outside the main entrance into the building, the Green Post-It notes are placed at the accident point and describe where the accident occurred, which department and physically, on the body, the description of the accident and the date it occurred. Unique, innovative and very practical – perhaps a ‘continuous improvement’ detail for others!’

The need to recognise achievement is also a fundamental principle of the Lean process. This must be spread across the company and many companies are doing this already. Here is what Fuller is doing for their Sales people.

Fuller Recog

Finally, first impressions, especially for a Cosmetic company, are essential. This is their reception area:

Fuller Recep

In this environment, any ‘system’ that would bring all the elements of Lean together would need to have a starting point. Fuller was very aware of this and on December 15th to 17th 2014, 23 of their key people began the Try Z Seminar.

In many instances this methodology was completely new to them. Therefore it was very satisfying to observe how after the first few hours of the 3-day course, the understanding and the enthusiasm of this group was demonstrated by their achievements. After all, Administration personnel combined with Manufacturing and Management people had to come to terms with building 15 plastic model car units made up of 68 different parts each in a specified amount of time – three times – with minimum defects, must have been a challenge. However the enthusiasm of these Mexican people with their strong communal approach and support helped them directly to achieve their targets.

After the seminar, the same group were then presented with the principles of the Green Room meeting process. This was needed to demonstrate to them how to transfer their experience in the Try Z seminar to the real life of their departments. This training was followed by a one-on-one coaching session in selected departments. This completed our visit to the company. The coaching involved how to post the data of Customer Concerns and Defects Received etc. onto the charts that would be displayed in the Green Rooms.

Early in the New Year, 2015, they will begin their journey. We wish them well and will be ‘holding their hands’ as it were as their beginning.

Here are some of their results:

Preparing for and scenes from their Final production run in the Try Z Seminar:

Fuller 3

Fuller 2

Fuller 1

This is what a typical Green Room will look like with the Wall of Charts. (Ballance Agri-Nutrients)

Fuller 4

Their Target Chart in the Try Z Seminar indicates the continuous improvement that was achieved.

From 2629 with a total of 132 Defects to 2676 with 16 Defects (note the reduced Defects) to 1623 and 0 Defects.

Continuous improvement but driven by direct people involvement.

Fuller 5

After the first production run their APPEARANCE data showed 94 issues. Part of the course was to not include APPEARANCE standards and targets for the units in the assembly process. The challenge was to give them the experience of attending to the APPEARANCE issues on the second day and to eliminate them as much as possible by writing processes to do this. They reduced the Appearance of the units defects as shown the chart below. It was from 94 – 8 – 0.

Fuller 6_resize

Note: There are no Green Bars because there were no Defects with the 3rd Run.

Fuller 7

From 2629 to 2672 to 1623

The group achieved this by applying Lean principles. Two of QCDSM’s principles are: You cannot manage what you do not measure – the charts, and Pay Attention to Detail. Their success will now enable them to transfer this knowledge to their people.

Our book, THE NEXT STEP is available in US Size as a printed booklet available from and also in pdf format in A4 size.  This is available to distribute following an arrangement with QCD System. . Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing it. It is an excellent companion to use to monitor and maintain the QCDSM process.

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