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The Next Step – Towards Excellence

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In today’s highly competitive world, every company is seeking ways to reach out to their customers, improve their market share and grow their businesses.

No matter what decisions are taken to achieve these goals, little progress can be made without the full participation of ALL employees.

Empowering and enabling employees to not only share their goals but to actively participate and promote them is the greatest challenge to this success.

QCDSM is the process that addresses this fundamental challenge. The process whereby the people of a company are enabled through their participation in decision making, problem solving, safety enhancement and delivering improved efficiencies and productivity is the next step in a company’s push for excellence and growth.

Consistent Quality, Competitive Cost, On Time Delivery, Excellent Safety and High Employee Morale is a goal that is obtainable provided you have the process in place to achieve it. QCD Systems Inc. a ‘growth to excellence’ consulting group, has developed this process and has had over 15 years of experience in transferring this expertise to global companies. We are very eager to share this process with you, thereby assisting you in your success.

The Business Plan

We will develop and plan the implementation of this process into your company with your valuable input. Through the training of your management team and selected personnel, initially, we assist you in setting up the structure that will be needed to enable the participation of all employees in this continuous improvement process.

Depending on your business, you will be able to organize your people into working groups. On a daily or weekly basis they will measure their results compared to their goals, and begin the process of problem solving within their areas in order to achieve those goals.

The whole process is driven by two important principles: Visual data continually monitored and the relationship between this data and the processes that drive it.

Process Management

Everything is a process. Control of any area within a company will be directly linked to the control of the processes and procedures that those areas need to use to produce their results.

By visually measuring their results on a daily or weekly basis, everyone is able to ‘visually’ understand the relationship between their results and their inputs (processes). They can then begin to examine, improve upon, substitute or remove procedures and processes in order to correct the discrepancies through our idea/suggestion process.

These ideas/suggestions will become the most important morale builder within your company and will drive the improvements you seek.

QCDSM is an holistic process.

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The three key elements are linked and interact with each other through various processes. Once established and working, these processes enable your employees to control all the activity that occurs within an area or department of the company. Databases are set up to record incidents and occurrences including ideas and suggestions generated by employees. This results in a complete process for managing the day-to-day business of the company.

A key result of the methodology is to involve all people in the day to day management of their specific areas of responsibility. It also provides the opportunity for all to understand the key goals of the company as a whole.

This is the invaluable information that is needed to develop and involve a productive, efficient, satisfied, motivated and happy workforce.

The Implementation Process

So often companies hesitate to begin the process of empowerment because the task seems too big to tackle.

QCDSM is a simple, step by step process whereby, according to the wish of the company concerned, the key players are trained to begin the process of visual management within groups or teams, and transfer the methods of empowerment to those who will be the leaders.

This step by step process is clearly laid out and trained by us using the organizational structure within a company. These areas will then begin the process of transferring this expertise to their own situations.

Many Companies are embracing the ISO 9000:2015 process as they enter into the global dimensions of doing business. The success of this movement requires that a Quality Management System be established within their organization together with a method of managing this system.

Based on the Eight Quality Management principles incorporated into the ISO 9000 2015 process, it is our belief that the QCDSM System, once in place, provides the framework for the management of the ISO 9000 2015 system.

The management and maintenance of an initiative, once implemented, is a critical requirement because, once embarked upon, the ability of the facility to succeed with the initiative depends on how it is integrated into the daily business of that facility.

QCDSM initiates a cultural change in the way in which a company does business. The integration of QCDSM and ISO 9000:2015  will enhance this change and move the company forward on its road to excellence.

There is a caveat as well: QCDSM and ISO 9000:2015 and in fact, any initiative embraced by a company, must be integrated as part of the culture of a company for it to be successful. QCDSM is designed to facilitate this process of integration.

We will happily explain how QCDSM ensures that the integration of the ISO 9000:2015 process with QCDSM becomes a cultural part of the way in which business is conducted on a daily basis.

Remember, you cannot manage what you do not measure

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