Trial Run

Trial Run

Stage Four

It has been our experience that the reason why so many initiatives fail or lose momentum is because there is neither a process, structure, nor a discipline in place to ensure its implementation. Additionally, the champions of the process are not sufficiently trained and practiced. Therefore, the QCDSM process builds a Trial Run into its implementation process – a practice period that is held for 1-2 weeks.

Once the data, charts and the practical details of setting up the meeting and developing the processes to support the meetings are in place, as well as the training given in the Strategy Module, they are now required to practice the meetings they are going to conduct without their group being present but with the support of their colleagues and management structure.

Like any good theater production, the rehearsals and dress rehearsals can be the making or the breaking of the production. The same applies to the Trial Runs for the First Level Green Room meetings.

Practicing with their colleagues, the leaders will learn how to collect the data required for the charts. The will conduct the meeting using the fixed agendas and note the time needed to do this task. They will have practiced how to fill in the charts prior to the Trial Runs and then conduct the meeting by correctly relating the data collected to the targets for that period of time as dictated by the fixed agenda. In this rehearsal they are coached on how to facilitate a meeting, involve their group in discussions, and most importantly, elicit and record ideas and suggestions on what is being measured.

In companies where great attention has been paid to this essential period of training, remarkable success has been achieved at the start up and in the conducting of subsequent meetings.